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orthodontic faqs

Orthodontic FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless you went to dental school (or maybe even if you did), you probably have a few questions you want to get straightened out. Here are a few of the questions we hear most often.

When is the right age to start thinking about treatment?

Believe it or not, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends a first visit with an orthodontist at age 7 (even if you aren’t quite ready for treatment)! No two smiles are the same and every smile will develop with different needs. That’s why we offer an exclusive club for kids who may not be quite ready for braces — the 7&Up Club! In the 7&Up Club, Dr. Kohrs will monitor areas like jaw growth, dental and facial development, habits, and detection and prevention of more serious problems. Along the way, we’ll make a plan for the right treatment at just the right time. All appointments for the 7&Up Club are free and are typically once every 6 months. PSST! Age is just a number… It’s never too late to visit the orthodontist. We’ve seen patients from age 6 to age 79. If you would like a smile that radiates confidence and lasts a lifetime, you’ve found the right place.

How long is treatment?

No two smiles are the same, and some teeth move a little faster or slower than others, or need a little more attention. We see treatment times everywhere from 6 months to 30 months – on average, our patients are in treatment for around 2 years. Team Kohrs will build the treatment plan that is right for you AND will equip you with the tools to be successful through the adventure!  

How much is this going to cost?

Team Kohrs believes treatment should fit your smile needs — and your financial needs. Treatment costs do vary based on your individual needs and treatment plan, and we will be able to provide all the information during your free first appointment. Our team will work within your unique treatment to craft a payment plan that fits your budget. Unless you enjoy hold music, we also manage insurance on your behalf to maximize your benefits.  

What treatment options do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of treatment options to perfectly suit your smile. Some of our options include traditional braces, clear braces, Invisalign, and AcceleDent. Dr. Kohrs also works closely with experts across Colorado, like oral surgeons, periodontists, dentists, and more. No matter what your smile needs, Team Kohrs is here with solutions.

My teeth aren’t THAT crooked … should I still consider orthodontics?

Your smile is so much more than just a pretty face! A poor bite can lead to other problems (like enamel loss or even jaw problems). We think about the whole smile, including bite mechanics, enamel health, and more to ensure that your smile is not only something you’re proud of, but something that lasts a lifetime.

Do braces and Invisalign hurt?

Braces and Invisalign do not often hurt, but you might get a little discomfort in the first few days of treatment as your mouth gets used to everything. If you do have something causing a specific discomfort (like a pokey wire!), we can schedule a quick comfort appointment (included in your treatment) to make everything ship-shape.

Do I still need to go to the dentist if I’m in treatment with your office?

Absolutely! Great dental hygiene and health is one of the secrets to an amazing treatment experience. We ask that you continue great dental health habits, like visiting your dentist regularly, brushing three times a day, and flossing daily. Team Kohrs has expert advice for how to maintain these habits with your unique treatment plan. Our office does not offer dental cleanings, but if you don’t already have a dental home, we can connect you with amazing dentists in Colorado.

Will getting treatment mean I can’t participate in activities like sports or music?

Absolutely not! Treatment will not stop you from doing the activities you love! You may need to make a few minor adjustments (such as wearing a mouthguard for sports to keep your teeth safe), but you are still free to participate in your favorite things.

I hate those goopy impressions… do I have to do these every time I’m at your office?

Our office is pretty high tech! We use a cutting-edge technology called the iTero Digital Impression System to eliminate impressions in most cases. The iTero scanner is a special wand that Team Kohrs uses to take digital pictures of your teeth and create a highly-accurate digital model of your teeth right at your appointment. It’s comfortable, easy, and can be done in a flash – plus you can see a 360-degree model of your teeth right away!

How is an orthodontist different than a dentist?

Just like a dentist, an orthodontist must complete dental school to become a dental specialist. However, an orthodontist also must receive two to three years of additional training and experience in orthodontics – a special type of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial abnormalities (like crooked teeth or an incorrect bite). An orthodontist can straighten teeth, correct misaligned jaw structure, and improve the functionality of your smile. Dr. Kohrs has a lot of experience as an orthodontist – including 11 years as a 5280 Magazine Top Orthodontist and a special interest in cleft lip and palate cases. Head over to the “Meet Dr. Kohrs” page to learn more about our favorite smile expert!

How do I schedule my free consultation exam?

Scheduling is easy! You can click the button below to schedule online now. You can also call our office at (303) 750-3660 and a member of Team Kohrs will help you find the perfect time to visit the office. Your first consultation is free (Dr. Kohrs’ gift to you!) – thank you for choosing our office. We can’t wait to meet you!

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